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I am looking for a new measurer to help with measuring courses, or measuring on your own. Best location would be the Denver metro area, with ability to go up and down the Front Range. If you may be interested, please check the Measurers' Page, then email me.

We measure road-race courses for USA Track and Field (USATF) certification for running and walking races and events, from 1 mile road races to Marathon length. Road courses can normally be USATF-certified, in which case we will handle the USATF certification process (gravel roads longer than 5k, and trail runs normally are not certifiable).  When you have identified a course that is close to the correct length, but needs to be measured for USATF certification and accuracy, we can assist you.  We are runners ourselves, so we look at courses from both a runner’s perspective and a race director’s perspective.

I have personally measured and submitted for certification over 350 courses, whose combined course length is over 2500 miles.

Since we are based in Denver, we generally measure race courses in Colorado, and the states surrounding Colorado. While we like to travel, if you are not in our general area, you should be able to find a race course measurer on the USATF Website. Put in your state, or if you are close to the border of your state, you can also put in the neighboring state(s), to find race course measurers in your area. Be sure to look at their maps, as the map is what you will use to set out your course on race day. You want to be sure to have a map that shows all splits, and details of the Start, Finish, and any turnaround you may need to make your course the correct length.

Look at examples of our maps and Web pages.

List your event, if it uses a certified course.

Find a timing company. This list is growing. We are making this listing known to as many timing companies as we can, so you should soon be able to find a timing company in your area.


We host a list of races that use certified courses, all over the USA.  If you know of a race that we don't have listed, and it uses a certified course, let us know.

If you are a measurer, check out out Measurer's Page, for an Excel worksheet format of the Certification Application, and links for digital mapping tools. If you may be interested in joining RaceMeasure, please email us using the link in the menu on the left, or below.

If you are a race director who uses a certified course, and you want your upcoming race listed, send us your information so we can list your race in our state-by-state listings.

Contact us at info@RaceMeasure.com, or call us at 720-935-9826. 

Road race course certification for USATF certification after road race course measurement. USATF certification means road race course measurement follows UASTF procedures for 5k, 10k, Half marathon, marathon and other distances. USATF certified race course measuring.