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Course Certification Application, including 5k, 10k, Half-Marathon and Marathon worksheets. This Excel '97-2003 workbook (or Excel 2007 format) (UPDATED April 2013) calculates needed values after you input your calibration ride numbers. Download it and use it as you wish. Click on the link to bring up the Save File As option, depending on your browser. Excel spreadsheets don't automatically open in browsers.

-------> Smart-phone Measurement Data Sheet! <----------
I have reduced the content of the above spreadsheets, and made a compact version for your smart-phone (go here to get an app that allows you to write in the sheets, if you don't have one. It costs a little ($15), but it is worth it!). I use mine on an Android T-Mobile phone, and it works great! I enter my calibration data, then, at the Start line, I can enter my Jones Counter clicks, so it all re-calculates. I can then jot the split readings on my note pad, or can read directly from the phone, if I use a phone mount on the bike. 5k, 10k, Half, Marathon. Excel '97-2003 sheets       Excel 2007 sheets

A good mapping tool, FREE! www.OpenOffice.org. This is a free suite of programs that are supposed to mimic Microsoft Office. For drawing maps, use Drawing. For Excel spreadsheets, use Spreadsheet. You can open the Excel spreadsheet above, if you don't have Excel.

For OpenOffice, use the template created by Mark Neal, obtainable at his site.

To place a background map on a layer that will later not be visible, go to http://wisdom-soft.com/products/screenhunter_free.htm. This is a screen-capture app that allows you to capture just what you want from the screen. I take an overview shot, then, on another layer, I capture zoomed images, and overlay them, so I can get good detail.

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If you hate mapping, we will map your course. We use digital tools, and have been able to put an entire maration on a single 8½x11 sheet, including all split descriptions. See an example. We will map your course for 1/3 of the price listed on our Fees page for a course with a MapMyRun map (without any up-charges). We just need a MapMyRun map of the course, so we can see what you measured, and descriptions of locations (cross-streets help greatly, if you don't have GPS coordinates for the locations). Let us know before you measure, so we can be sure we are on the same page. We want to give you a good map, just like what we give our clients.

Detailed explanation of how we measure our courses, and what we deliver.