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Results will show all road race timing companies we have listed in the selected state.You may not find a listing in your state. If this is the case, look at the list for timers from all around, that are willing to travel.

We do not know each of these race timing companies. Each company may do bib timing, chip timing (wheter ChampionChip, Winning Time, Ipico, or any of a number of other chip timing tecnologies), or both.

If you use a timing company that we don't have listed, do them a favor and suggest they come here and list their company, so others can find them.

I have yet to be aware of a race timing company that doesn't deliver what they contract for. Make sure you are clear in what you want them to do, and be sure you understand what they are committing to do (awards categories, how many in each category, who is gathering the data, how you will get the data to them if you are gathering the data, etc.). Finally, if you are supplying them with runner data, be sure it is in the format they have told you they need. Bad data entry and transfer is the number-one cause of race timing errors. If the timing company gives you an Excel spreadsheet to use, or tells you the fields they need (and what each field can/must contain), follow their instructions exactly. NEVER put a first and last name in the same field, unless you are specifically told to.