Pricing Guide:

Certifications are good for 10 years, as long as there is no construction on, or changes to, the course. Keep that in mind when looking at the fees.

Here's what you get for the fees shown below, in the Denver metro area (if you are outside the metro area, there will be travel expenses added): A USATF course certification; a color, digitally-created PDF map with an elevation profile;a PDF document with photos of Start, Finish, each split location, and the turnaround location, if you have one; a KML file which can be placed into GoogleEarth; a link to the MapMyRun map; and a page on with your map, KML file, photo document, and link back to your event's Web page. Most measurers around the country offer only a hand-drawn map with the certificate, or a black-and-white digital map.

The following prices apply if you you are in the Denver metro area, know what your course is, where you need the Start or Finish, and the other (Finish or Start) can be adjusted as-needed.  The base price does not include creating a course, on-site course consultation, meetings with authorities, time for security clearance, travel expenses, or multiple additional rides because you didn't like where the Start or Finish happened to land.  Courses that use a spur to get the precise distance will be a higher fee, since there is more measuring (time) involved.

SAVE MONEY by going to and mapping your course before we measure for certification.  As stated above, our base price does not include modifying your concept to reach the desired distance, other than moving the Start and/or Finish line a little bit.  After mapping your course, and making sure you are close enough that we can make it work, email us the link, and we will go from there. NEVER USED  Here are some simple instructions.

Due to weathering and maintenance operations, the course markings may fade or disappear over time.  If that happens on your course, and you don't want to re-mark it yourself, you can have us come back out and re-mark the course.  Those fees are also below.

PROCRASTINATOR SURCHARGE of 25% will be charged if you authorize measurement less than 3 weeks prior to when you want your course measured, if your race is 10 miles or less. If your course is longer than 10 miles, you must aurthorize measurement at least 5 weeks prior to when you want your course measured, to avoid the surcharge. We need time to do the job correctly, and to arrange for measuring and mapping. The job is more than simply riding our bike and drawing some lines. If we have nothing scheduled, we may waive the fee.

There will be a 20% surcharge for measurements between Nov. 1 and March 1. Since we start measuring before sunrise, it is too darn cold to measure for the prices below. Paint, electronics, toes, and fingers are too cold to function properly. Please plan for your measurements so you don't need them done between Nov. 1 and March 1. There is too much chance of cold weather and ice/snow in that timeframe. If the weather is nice (above 32° when we measure) during that time, no problem; we can measure without a surcharge, as long as there is not snow or ice on the course, and the ground is dry.


Course with a spur*

WITH map


5K (3.10686 miles) or less
5 miles
10K (6.21371 miles)
15K (9.32057 miles)
10 miles
Half-Marathon (13.10938 miles or 21.0975 km)
20 miles
Marathon (26.21876 miles or 42.195 km)

* A spur is used when the Start and Finish are in specific locations.  The turnaround point on the spur is adjusted to make the course the specified length.  Extra measuring is needed when a spur is used, which is the reason for the added cost.  Example of a course with a spur: Lonetree 5K This spur is the turnaround north of the lake, at the point labeled "Pool Parking".


If you have a good idea where your course is, and the Start and Finish locations, yet need some "tweaking" of the course to meet your distance requirement, the design-modification fee is based on what options are available to us for modifying the course.  The modification can usually be done for $100 or less (in addition to the normal measuring fee).  When we know your exact situation, we will let you know the amount