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Simple steps for creating your course map for us to follow:

Go to

If you read no other instruction, un-check "Auto Follow Roads", (in the upper-right menu) as leaving that option checked will not allow you to map the Shortest Possible Route.

MMR screen image

Now, back to the step-by-step instructions: In the upper-right end of the blue header bar on the page, click “Already signed up?  Log in.”.   If you are not a member already, create your member account.  You must be a member to save your route.  (You can also create your route, then create your member account when you are ready to save the route.)  

If you are having us measure your course, you may use our login. It is "", and the password is "123456". If you are not having us measure the course, I will delete your course from our account, so please don't just map one for your own use.

When you have logged-in, click on "Create Route" (left end of white menu bar under blue header menu bar)..

Fill in city and state, and other information (“Choose an Activity – Run/Jog), then close the left menu pane by clicking on the left-arrow at the upper-right corner of the left menu pane. You will have to click on the arrow button again, to open the pane, in order to Save the map.

While in Map view, find where your run will start. Once there, zoom in (slider bar in the upper-left side of the screen). Select Satellite (menu in upper-right corner of mapping window), and un-check "45°" when you are zoomed-in fairly tight. Un-check "Auto Follow Roads", as that option will not allow you to map the Shortest Possible Route.

Under "Units" I suggest "Metric (km)", if you are doing a 5K or 10K course.

Once you have found your Start area, zoom in so you can follow the shortest possible route, which means following the inside of turns.  At this point, you should know if you can use an entire road, curb-to-curb, or if you must stay in one lane only, or if you will be using only the sidewalk along-side the road.

Click on your Start (or Finish, if you want to finish in a particular spot, and will let the Start fall where it may) location.  Follow the shortest possible route the runners may take, and still be on the course.

If you click, then want to "erase" the last click, click on the "Undo" button on the right side of the map.  It will undo a point for every click you do, so you can erase a few turns back, if you want.

The distance is shown in the upper-right corner of the map.

Once you have gotten the desired distance (REMEMBER, it is not exact, but it is pretty close.  Your length may be a couple hundred feet off of the desired distance, so keep that in mind), click on that arrow in the upper-left corner of the mapping window, and click "SAVE".

If you used your own login, you must at least make the route’s Privacy Setting "Accessible", or we can't follow the link you send us.

Copy the URL (address) it shows on the final page, and paste it into an email to us:  (  Be sure to add a note to tell us about the race, and all details so we can contact you to answer questions, and to ask some ourselves.

That's all there is to it.  Easier than the instructions would lead you to believe.