Since most races are run in the same month every year, instead of someone having to update the date every year, we are now showing the races listed by the month they normally run. You can click on the race's link to go to their Website, and find the specific date for this year.

We recently culled events with expired courses, and courses without good links to their Website. If your event is missing, please re-submit with a current Certificate Number, or with a link to your Website, not a registration service site. If your race has changed the month of its running, please let us know.

Technically, this is a listing of events using certified courses. Races themselves are not certified; the course they use is what is certified. Also, this is only a listing for which we have race date info. For a list of all certifed courses, go to

If you are looking for a previously-certified course to use, when you find one, please look to see who paid to have it certified. Please send them a 20% "rental fee" for using the course that they paid to have certified. This is not required, but it certainly is good practice. How would you like someone to use a course you paid to have certified, without compensating you? Please be respectful of the organization that went through the effort and expense to identify a viable course, then paid for certification.

How to find out who paid for certification:
Note the certificate number (something like CO15001DCR)
Go to the USATF course-search page
Look at the certificate page (most courses posted after 2008 have the certificate as part of the posting)
Contact the person listed as Race Contact/Race Director, and see where to send the money.

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