Using GoogleEarth

As of April, 2016, we have stopped recommending to design your course.  It no longer allows for a directly-overhead satellite view when zoomed-in for good detail.  Therefore, we now recommend using GoogleEarth to design your course.  You can send us the kml file of your course, we can look at it, then we can make suggestions if we see problems.

When mapping in GoogleEarth, remember that we measure following the shortest possible route (SPR) that the runners can run and still be on the course.  If you don’t map the same way, your measurement will not reflect what we may achieve when we are measuring your course!!!  Zoom-in, and measure accurately, so you have a good idea if your design is close to the correct length.

Once we have completed your measurement, and you have paid for the service, we will supply to you, along with other collateral, a KML file that was created by our GPS as we measured.  I strongly encourage you to to a “fly-through” of your course in GoogleEarth, using this KML file.  If you are having a lead bike or car, have them do the fly-through, also.  Here are instructions on how to do the fly-through:

Open GoogleEarth, and drop the KML file over the globe.

Look on the left side of the screen, in the middle there is a “Places” area. Expand the KML list under “Temporary Places” (the last item in the Places list).

Then look at the bottom-right corner of the “Places” window. There will be a slider and on the right side of the slider, another icon that looks like the path, with a small right facing arrow. This is the “play tour” controller. This is how you start playing the tour. Once it starts, you will see another controller on the bottom edge of the Main Google Earth viewer. This will let you pause, restart, and rewind.


This way, runners and lead vehicles can get a better idea of the route.

GoogleEarth files can be exchanged as we update the course prior to measurement.  Either of us can edit the route, and send the updated KML to the other.  It is not quite as efficient as editing the same file in MapMyRun, but MMR has become less than friendly for our use.  GoogleEarth is the way to go, at least for now.